Dell Solid State Drive

Dell has taken a huge step in the world of notebook computers…they added a solid state drive (SSD) to the list of hard drive choices available on select notebook models. The two models that received the option are the Latitude D420 and the D620. It is important to note that both of those laptops are high priced and targeted for businesses, not for consumers.

Right now the only solid state drive option available is a 1.8–inch 32GB from SanDisk. That doesn’t sound like much since you can get a 160GB+ hard drive put into most notebook computers at a much lower cost, but if you don’t need all of the extra hard drive space then this might be perfect for you. Well, that is if you can get over the $549 price tag, which should be a little lower if you’re just upgrading the hard drive on a new system you’re building (as pictured above).

Solid state drives are definitely what the future has in store for us. Unlike a traditional hard drive, they have no mechanical parts to spin which makes makes the SSD perform better and also more reliable. Here is what Dell has to say about adding the solid state drives:

Engineering tests show that the SSD has an operating shock tolerance of up to 1,300 Gs, which is twice the rating of mechanical drives. In fact, during extreme impact testing the surrounding notebook hardware breaks before the drive. In addition, the drives are predicted to reduce the probability of failure by three-and-one-half times compared to standard mechanical drives.

The new drives can also increase system performance by up to 23 percent and decreases boot time by up to 34 percent compared to traditional HDDs available with the Latitude D420 and D620 ATG.

A few months ago I made a comparison between the solid state drives and traditional hard disk drives to demonstrate the differences. The article also included a video so that you could see the decreased boot time from using a SSD in a notebook computer. There is no doubt that these drives will continue to increase in size and decrease in cost, but hopefully that time comes soon rather than later because I would love to have one of these!

I looked around the Dell store and didn’t see them selling these separately, yet. Since these drives can easily replace your existing hard drive I am sure that Dell will begin selling them shortly by themselves.

Dell Press Release