dell xps.pngBad news for gamers who relied on Dell’s XPS line of computers to power their favorite games. According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell will soon start the process of phasing out its XPS line of desktop game machines. The reason? Well, if you’ll recall, back in March of 2006, Dell acquired Alienware known for their high-end gaming systems. The Wall Street Journal says that Dell’s XPS computers were eating into the sales of Alienware computers, thus they had to do something about it.

At this point there has been no word on what will happen to the XPS line of laptops, but we imagine they’ll be sticking around for a while. Serious gamers usually go for the desktop computers over the laptops, so the XPS laptops really aren’t a threat to Alienware. One commenter over at Engadget made a good point saying that they believed Alienware should focus on the performance desktops while Dell should focus on the performance laptops which would work out nicely.

Dell hopes that this move will reinvigorate Alienware’s line of gaming machines, but will also help them in the bigger scheme of things. Right now they’re fallen behind HP in sales and they are also “struggling to achieve profits in consumer PCs.” Alienware is expected to launch some redesigned systems as a result of Dells move to drop their line of XPS computers.

To think, it wasn’t that long ago that Dell busted out the liquid cooled PC with their XPS 720 H2C computer. Now its already on its way out the door. On the bright side, maybe we’ll see Dell putting the XPS desktops on clearance and people will be able to get themselves a great deal on a computer?