DellaximWhen Dell decided that they were going to discontinue PDA development, it left their X5 Pocket PC the last one standing.  Recently, they’ve decided to discontinue selling that device which means that it’s no longer available for purchase. This decision was made without much explanation, except to say that they really don’t have any plans for anything ‘of this nature in the future.”

Ever since their Axim Pocket PC was introduced , Dell has struggled to keep up with the smartphones.  The overall market for PDA’s has also continued to get smaller as well.  Generally speaking, as smartphones become more and more standard, people are finding that really don’t have a use for a Pocket PC anymore.

The rumors are already floating around that Dell has a smartphone device in the works. Whether Dell decides to enter the Smartphone market is still unclear, although, I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they did.

Source: Brighthand