Dell Computer Recycling In September Dell launched a computer recycling program but at the time it was only available for limited markets. The press release from yesterday also says something interesting:

This recycling offer is designed for consumers and includes responsible recycling of used Dell-branded computers and peripheral equipment at no-charge. The service does not require a replacement purchase.

Before you had to pay to have your computer recycled if you didn’t purchase a PC from them. I noticed that the press release does say “Dell-branded computers” but the Dell Recycling Homepage says “for any make or model.” For a typical PC and monitor it would end up costing you $20 to recycle the two but it looks like Dell has waived the fee because I didn’t see anything in the help screen about that. I also browsed through the facts to see if they had the 50 pound weight limitation but there is no mention of that either. This is great news for anyone looking to clear out some of the original Pentium PC’s that are shoved in the corner of the house.

What’s even more important is that the program now reaches 15 countries, in which 8 of those are new:

Dell Recycle Plans Dell isn’t planning on stopping the recycling program anytime soon. In fact, they nearly doubled the amount of product this year that was recycled (according to weight) when compared to last year. That is quite a success story because if you think about how PC’s continue to get smaller then you’ll also realize that the weight is starting to drop, which is what they are using to measure the amount that gets recycled. By the year 2010 they hope to recycle 125 million KG in PC hardware and peripherals.

There is also a video demonstration about Dell’s Recycling Program and it was kinda funny that one of the links at the end of the video directs you to a non-existent site that only has advertisements. I’m sure it was valid at one point but now the domain is for sale. ;)

Thanks to Dell for properly disposing of and reusing our old PC’s!