The options are getting larger and improving when it comes to rugged notebook computers.  Dell is joining in with their version, the Rugged Latitude ATG D620 notebook.  And according to them, a rugged notebook has been the most common request from their customers.  The durability is what sets the rugged version apart from your ordinary notebook, allowing you to travel to all extremes. Recently we wrote about some of the best rugged notebooks available from, the Panasonic Toughbook- 18 to the Rough Rider III.  The Rugged Dell Latitude fits into the group nicely with a lot of great features.

Even if you’re not traveling to extreme locations,  there’s a demand for a reinforced notebook with a screen suitable for the outdoors.  The Latitude ATG D620 Notebook features a 14.1 inch display with an ambient light sensor.  It has a glass overlay and a non-reflective coating.  On top of that, the screen is a 500-nit LCD (quite a bit brighter than the standard notebook) which makes it easier to view in the sun (one of my biggest complaints with my current notebook).

Of course, it also has the typical rugged features like:

  • Reinforced hard drive and LCD display
  • High durability textured paint (won’t chip)
  • Lighted, dust and spill resistant keyboard
  • Rear port cover to protect notebook from moisture or dust

All of these features allow it to withstand things that other notebooks can’t which is why it meets the military’s standards.  The military sets guidelines for vibration, humidity, and altitude, all of which this Latitude ATG D620 Notebook meet.

For now, it’s only available in the United States but will become available in other regions soon.  Of course it’s built for a demanding work environment, but you could also fit into that “demanding home environment” where there is a good  chance that liquids might spill onto it, or that it may be dropped :) It looks like the Latitude ATG D620 Notebook prices start around $3,000.