Dell Launches Blog, One2One

One2One is a new blog launched by Dell that will be authored by multiple Dell employees. According to the “about” section on the blog, “the best way to understand and serve our customers is to talk to them directly” which is why the blog was created. It appears to be set up as an informal way to ask questions, discuss, and get answers. Now, if it really ends up being as open dialogued as they make it sound (hopefully they will), this could be a great thing for people who don’t really want to pick up the phone to ask a question. There may be plenty of critics of Dell (read here, and here), however Dell has kept its reign over the PC Market Share for quite some time now; they must be doing something right. Sure there’s room for improvement, especially after the infamous Dell blowing up at a Japanese conference. I typically try to be optimistic, and in keeping in that optimistic frame of mind, this may be a good chance for them to get in touch with their customers and find out what they really want. This is what I can say about Dell: Previous experiences haven’t been so impressive, however recently, within the last 2 months I purchased a Dell XPS at a really great price (I’m a college student, I need good prices!). It came within a week, and about a week later I got a phone call from Dell asking how it went and if I got everything set up alright. Now that was impressive and a big improvement from the Dell purchase I made just a year ago. I’d like to say they are improving and One2One seems like a honest effort to meet the needs of their customers. A blog can be a pretty effective tool of communication when done right. The authors of One2One need to be sure to keep the lines of communication open, and perhaps address those that will critique and criticize them the most. Plus, it might be fun to learn about what a day at Dell is like instead of reading all about the latest products. One2One has only been up for a few days, before I criticize, they deserve a chance.