Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24

Dell Home is currently offering the Dell 24″ LCD monitor for just $710 after discounts. Just go to the 2405FPW product page and add the item to your cart. You will notice that the monitor has automatically been discounted the 20% by Dell. Now go to eBay and purchase a $35 off coupon, it will cost you about $0.99 so it is a good deal. Finally, you can use your Dell Preferred Account (DPA) to get another 2% off. Here is what you need to do to get the DPA discount:

  1. Select “Pay with one credit/debit card online” at checkout
  2. Locate “Save 2% using Dell Preferred Account” offer, and click the link
  3. If you have an account already, find “Already have a Dell Preferred Account?” box, and click the link if you don’t have one – sign up for it.
  4. Checkout

If the 2% DPA discount isn’t important then you can pay however you would like. After you add on the $9.50 shipping cost the total should come to $710 (if you decide to use the 2% off from the DPA).

Deal Source: SlickDeals