Dell Recycle Program Dell is making an effort to keep you from sending your computers to the landfill by recycling them. They will come to your home to pickup any desktops, mini-towers, notebooks, servers, workstations, keyboards, mice, monitors (CRT and flat panels), data terminals, PDAs, hubs, routers, scanners, projectors, as well as inkjet, bubble jet and laser printers that you want to get rid of. I think that list covers just about everything computer-related. :)

You will, however, have to pay a small fee for the recycling service if you do not purchase a computer from them:

You may recycle up to 50 lbs. for $10. For example, the estimated weight of a PC is 30 lbs. and monitor is 42 lbs., for a total of 72 lbs. The PC and monitor will need to be boxed separately, for a total price of $20.

I tried to determine what they are doing with the computers that they receive but I couldn’t find a clear answer. The closest thing I found was:

With Dell Recycling you know your old computer and computer-related devices won’t end up in a landfill causing harm. We’ll make sure all recycled PCs and electronics are disposed of safely. You may also choose to donate your old system to the National Cristina Foundation, helping disabled and economically disadvantaged Americans receive recycled PCs.

I think this is a good idea because people often ask me what they should do with their old computer after they purchase a new one. If it is a decent computer then I gladly take it off of their hands but otherwise it needs to be disposed of properly because of the heavy metals that the parts contain. You typically have to pay to get it disposed anyway so it is even nicer that Dell will come to your house and pickup the computer…even if you do have to fork out some money.

Dell has now posted the various links for other countries:
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