Dell M2010 I think we were all a little taken back a few months ago when Dell released their new line of XPS computers especially because of the M2010. It is a complete desktop computer that has a sense of mobility to it…of course that’s if you don’t mind lugging around the 18-lb. beast.

Laptop Magazine decided to see how this 20-inch “notebook” would handle itself in typical laptop situations: on the subway, in Starbucks, and in the park. Out of the three locations I think the subway was the best:

Hands down, the most popular question was people asking whether the thing was a laptop, some in admiration, some in disgust, and most in genuine puzzlement. The question of “why?” naturally followed soon after. One young lady seated across from me was genuinely shocked to discover that the XPS closed.

I am sure the person who did this walked away with quite a few stories to tell. :D