Dell's Automated Customer Support

If you are ever looking for a good laugh then you need to head over to This Is Broken. That is where I found a user that submitted a technical support question just to receive a funny automated response. The user sent an email saying “I need a system restore CD for an inspiron 5150 purchased in 2003. Thanks!” and received the following email:

****************************************************** Original Message Follows: ***************************************** Problem: I need a system restore CD for an inspiron 5150 purchased in 2003. Thanks! *********************************************** Dell’s e-mail software interprets your message as a request for help with buying an auto/air AC adapter for your Dell notebook computer. To purchase an adapter to charge your portable computer from your car or while in an airplane go to: * Click Notebook Accessories in the Browse For Products list * Click Power Adapters and then choose Auto/Air * Click the company name to see more details If you have other battery questions please check our general battery and AC adapter troubleshooting guide at:

Dell obviously needs to work on their keyword matching system. From the looks of it the email must not have been sent to a support group and instead must have been sent to the sales department since they are obviously trying to get you to purchase some accessories. :D

I thought this was pretty funny since many of us have had similar experiences where technical support people don’t even understand what we want. So how can they expect a computer to be able to figure it out?