Dell IdeaStorm

After the drama that Yahoo’s new suggestion site caused I wasn’t expecting to see a big company launch a Digg-like site for a little while. As it turns out that “little while” was just a few days because Dell just opened the doors to a new site for users to submit ideas.

The new site (pictured above) called Dell IdeaStorm closely resembles the Digg interface, but much like Yahoo’s site it has no intention of trying to compete with Digg. So why did Dell start this site? Well, I would say for the same reason that Yahoo created their suggestion site. The blog post about IdeaStorm says:

As blog manager for Direct2Dell, I get lots of folks who e-mail me directly with ideas. Dell IdeaStorm takes this to another level. It gives you a direct path to submit ideas about what they would you’d like to see in Dell’s products, services and operations.

Think of Dell IdeaStorm as a combination between a message board and Topics that earn the most points from the voting process move up to the top of the page. End result, by submitting ideas and voting on them as a community, you will tell us how you want us to change. Along the way, we’ll call out the top ideas that are being considered by Dell. We’ll also keep track of which ideas we’ve implemented, and make it easy for you to see.

One thing that I would like to point out about the site is that you don’t have to be logged in to vote (which I’m sure Digg’s crowd will really take advantage of once they get their hands on the site). Also, each vote counts as 3 points, so when a submission has 210 points that really means about 70 people voted on that item.

In the quote above I wanted to stress the point that Dell is specifically saying that they are creating a community based on the voting model Digg has already setup. They’re not trying to be sneaky and pass the idea off as their own, so there is no reason that Digg users should be offended…rather they should be happy that they have contributed to a community that has become so popular

The announcement for the IdeaStorm site was just made moments ago so it has not been given enough time to reach Digg’s frontpage. I went to search Digg to see if it had been submitted yet, and to no surprise it has. What’s the title of the submission? That should be a no brainer: “Dell Rips Off Digg – Another Diggstorm in the Making.” Come on, you can’t even tell me that you were surprised.

Good Luck Dell, hopefully you won’t need it! *rolls eyes*