Dell Ubuntu

Just the other day we announced that Dell was going to be shipping Ubuntu on three different computer models, and the time is here for you to be the first to own one of those computers. Here is a look at the three computers you have to choose from:

  • E1505n Notebook starts at $599. Link
  • E520n Desktop starts at $599. Link
  • XPS 410n Desktop starts at $849. Link

As far as support goes, Dell will support the hardware in the computer such as a sound card or a hard drive. If you need software support you can either use the Dell Linux forums or the Ubuntu forums. Or if you feel like spending some money there are three different support options available to you (no details on the differences have been posted yet):

  • 30–day Get Started ($65)
  • One-year Basic ($125)
  • One-year Standard ($275)

A lot of people who I’ve talked with have their doubts about Dell shipping Ubuntu on a computer. Initial worries came when Dell said that their configuration options would be a little limited due to poor driver support. More importantly though is that they don’t have plans to ship codecs with Ubuntu because of the royalties needed to do so. Dell addresses these issues in the following video (I placed comments on the video timeline below so that you can quickly jump to the correct position):

Dell is also looking to take their market even further by pushing into retail stores. Last week Michael Dell said that they were going to aggressively move into the retail sector to try and gain a new audience, and they are already delivering on that with their new Wal-Mart partnership. That’s right, two different Dell desktop configurations will be showered across 3,000 Wal-Marts throughout the United States and Canada.

The computer being sold is the Dimension E521, and it will be available as a standalone unit or with a 19” monitor. The E521 is Dell’s low-end budget computer which is the perfect solution for most consumers, and Wal-Mart is therefore a great place to be carrying it. These will be available at your local Wal-Mart starting June 10, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re looking for a cheap PC. Although I’m guessing that these will be coming with Windows and not Linux. 

Thanks to everyone who sent these tips in!