Dell's XPS 700 Will Offer Overclocking In The BIOS

CNet is now reporting that Dell has no intentions of overclocking the XPS 700 at the factory. However, they will make it easy for customers to overclock the system themselves by offering the option right in the BIOS. Here is what Dell had to say about it:

Recent demonstrations of the XPS 700 at the recent World Series of Video Games Summer Tournament used an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor overclocked by Dell engineers to show the potential performance that build-your-own enthusiasts can achieve when the processor becomes available. Dell has unlocked the BIOS so that customers can overclock the processor themselves, but at this time Dell is not factory overclocking the system.

The rumors that Dell was going to overclock the system at the factory all started at the the Video Games Summer Tournament where they had the system setup. The description of the system stated that it was an overclocked Intel Core 2 Extreme processor which got people thinking that Dell was going to do the overclocking by default. I definitely don’t blame them for not overclocking the system because if there is a heat issue or people start to have problems with their system then the customers will blame Dell right away saying that it was because they overclocked it. I assume that they have a screen in the BIOS that states they are not liable for any damage caused by overclocking they system

The Dell XPS 700 starts around the $2,000 range but can easily climb to twice that price if you want a great gaming machine. More information can be found at CNet’s review which also includes a quick video of the system.