We know that there is a rather large group of Firefox fans that read this site, therefore many of you will probably find interest in a Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest that’s currently going on. It’s an official contest from the folks over at Mozilla and it’ll give you an opportunity to be creative and show off your mad design skills. If you happen to design something awesome and win, you’ll even get a prize.

Here’s the vital information:

  • The contest has already started and ends on March 16th (a Sunday) at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Designs that are submitted will initially be judged by a team at Mozilla
  • The top 5 that Mozilla chooses will go on to a second round in which they’ll be voted on by visitors to the Mozilla Store – in other words, the public chooses the final winner.

firefox tshirt contest

So what does the winner get? Well, considering that Mozilla will make all kinds of money off the sale of these shirts, you’d think the first place prize would be a little more generous than what it is. The first place winner will receive a $250 gift voucher to Amazon along with a free T-Shirt to “show off your winning design” and “Worldwide recognition for designing the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt featured in the Mozilla Store.” While that’s nice, I’m sure if Mozilla went and hired someone to create a shirt, they’d be paying a lot more than $250. There are also 4 runner-up prizes which include a $50 gift voucher to Amazon and a free T-shirt.

If you’re interested in designing a shirt, checkout this page for more details on how to get started.