desktop firefox extension.jpgWhen Opera introduced Speed Dial into their browser I didn’t realize quite how big of a hit it would become. Now most browsers are shipping with some sort of iteration of this feature that is capable of showing thumbnail previews for the sites you frequently visit. It’s basically a visual way to view your favorite sites.

There have been plenty of Firefox extensions designed to mimic the way Speed Dial works, but there is a new kid on the block. Desktop is an experimental extension that not only shows thumbnail previews of the sites you specify, but you can also arrange them as if they were items on your desktop. It will remember the exact layout that you specify… just drag-and-drop.

To sweeten the deal Desktop also lets you create folders, and then inside of those folders you can put even more bookmarks. When you’ve created a folder the “icon” will be a preview of all the bookmarks you’ve placed inside of it. Pretty slick! The whole system seems pretty smooth, and I hope the developer continues to take this even further.

Get Desktop for Firefox [via Webware]