Wallpaper dropbox

I’m always looking for fresh new desktop wallpapers to use on my machine, but it can be a pain to find really good quality ones that fit my taste. I recently signed up for the free Desktoppr service though, and so far I’m extremely impressed with the quality of what’s being uploaded.

You might think that Desktoppr is like any other wallpaper site out there, but it’s not. Most sites simply link to the high resolution copies of the images so that you can go through the work of saving them to your machine, but Desktoppr uses Dropbox to remove that hassle. In a single click it will send a wallpaper to your Dropbox account, where it will then get pushed out to all of your machines. Then if configure your Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine to use that directory for wallpapers it will automatically rotate through any wallpapers you add from the site.

They even offer an API for developers, and there is an unofficial Chrome extension that is already using it. The extension will display a random wallpaper each time you open up a new tab in Chrome, which can be a great way to discover interesting new wallpapers.

There is one important thing that I haven’t mentioned yet. Desktoppr is currently in an invite-only stage, but for the last week or so their official Twitter account has been telling people to use TWITTER01 as the invitation code during the signup process. As of today (11/7/2012) that invitation code is still valid, but it’s possible it won’t be active much longer. So take advantage of it while you can.

Desktoppr Homepage