Digg 3.0 Screenshots - Launch Date Set For Monday

TechCrunch was able to get some exclusive screenshots of the new Digg 3.0 that is scheduled for release on Monday, June 26. The screenshots give a good idea of what to expect from this huge release. There is one thing that will satisfy everyone’s fears: despite having political and world news users will still be able to select which topics they want to view on Digg (as seen in the screenshot above). Check out TechCrunch if you want to see a few more screenshots.

Digg 3.0 is especially important because of the recent release of Netscape Beta. Many people say that it isn’t as nice as using Digg but once it gets implemented into Netscape’s homepage then they will be taking advantage of their 811 million pageviews they get each month.

Digg obviously has the technology news market but who will take the crown for world and political news?