The Digg that many of you are familiar with is a place to go to discover new content on the web. Over the years they’ve stuck to their roots and have focused simply on the new content, but now it looks as though they are branching out a bit. Just yesterday Kevin Rose announced that they were starting something new called Digg Dialogg.

Digg Dialogg (yes, it’s two g’s on Dialogg) is a program where the Digg team identifies a “leader of the moment” or someone who is changing the world in “cool ways” and invites them to appear live for an interview. Before the interview, Digg users are able to submit questions they’d like the guest to answer. During the live interview, the guest will be asked the top questions according to Digg users ( they can digg up or digg down questions).

Digg - Dialogg_ Nancy Pelosi.png

Because politics are pretty big in the United States right now with the elections coming up in November, it makes sense that the first guest would be involved in politics. Tomorrow evening, Digg Dialogg’s first guest is Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the House. Hundreds of questions have already been submitted for her to answer and there are many that have gotten several hundred diggs.

In the future it won’t be just about politics, they say that the featured guests will include “technology luminaries, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, musicians and filmmakers.”

Will Digg Dialogg turn into “The Tonight Show” of the Web?