It seems as though the one thing Digg users have requested over and over again, and the one thing that Digg has promised was coming is a dedicated images section.  It finally went live last night which means if users come across a funny or interesting image they think is Digg worthy, they can submit it and a thumbnail of the image will appear aside the submission so that users can get a preview of it before clicking through to the original source.

The nicest thing about the new images section is the image crawler. When a user goes to submit both news submissions and image submissions, Digg will crawl the site looking for images.  Then they’ll display the images available as thumbnails, and the user can select the image they’d like to use for the submission.  As mentioned, this works with news submissions as well.  Say you were to submit an article from CyberNet and the article had multiple images.  Digg would crawl the page and then pull up all of the available images and thumbnails, and then you’d select which image would work best.

digg pictures

Also on the list of changes was the addition of two new categories. We all know that Digg changed their focus from catering to geeks to catering to everybody a while ago, but now this is even more evident.  The two new categories include “Lifestyle” and “Offbeat.” According to Kevin Rose, the Lifestyle category will include your casual topics like cars, food and drink, and travel. Even though there are more non-tech related categories, I think it’s safe to say that it’s the geeks and technology enthusiasts who are most passionate about the site.

Next up for Digg? Yet another new comments system…