Digg Gets New Features Next Monday

Digg plans to add new ways to monitor real-time activity starting next Monday. One new visualization tool, called the Stack, is pictured above and we heard about it a month ago. Multiple stories are displayed on the screen and are represented by the vertical bars. When a story is Dugg a small block falls from the top and lands on it. This makes it easy to see which stories are quickly making their rise to the top.

Another new tool called the Digg Swarm uses little “bubbles” to represent the articles. The size of the bubble is representative of how many Diggs the story has. I don’t like this visualization tool nearly as much as the Stack from above.

There is already an existing tool that Digg has called the Digg Spy which will let you see Diggs, comments, and more in real-time. Most people don’t even know that the Digg Spy exists which is a little disappointing because it is so cool. I use it all the time because it is fun to see what people are Digging in real-time, it is kinda like people watching :) .