Right now Digg.com is undergoing some maintenance (which says should last just minutes but has been a lot longer than that) and they will be rolling out the fresh new look that is pictured above. The biggest thing as far as the design goes is that the layout adjusts to the width of your browser (a.k.a. liquid design), instead of the static size that it once was. Also on the homepage you’ll notice the “Top 10″ stories located in the sidebar and the duration since the submission of each story is now in a bright red font.

Beyond just the eye candy there are also several new features that you can watch in the official video that Digg put together:

  • Interface Design, Digg Goes Widescreen
    We’ve gone from a fixed width layout to a flexible one allowing you to make use of your screen real-estate on larger monitors. Navigation has also been moved to the top allowing you to quickly switch between sections.
  • Top 10 Stories/Videos
    Digg stories move fast, so we’ve created a quick view of the top 10 hottest on Digg, updated in real time. This list changes as other stories accelerate in Diggs – so make sure to check it often. Think of this as your quick pulse of what’s hot in any given section.
  • Videos Enhancements
    Aside from giving Videos their own position in the top navigation, we have added a couple cool features: Top 10 hottest videos, and on-Digg video previews. Simply click any video with a play icon to get lightbox window in which you can preview and Digg the video.
  • Podcasting
    Now you can Digg your favorite podcast series and individual podcast episodes. Not only can you see a list of the most popular podcasts by section, you can also dive into any individual podcasts to see the most Dugg individual episodes. And don’t forget – every time you Digg a podcast or podcast episode that is bookmarked in your profile and shared with your friends.
  • Profile Enhancements
    Now quickly jump between your Dugg News, Videos, or Podcasts. With three separate sections we make it easy to sort through your own Diggs or the Diggs from your friends using the friends tab.

Definitely my favorite feature is that the videos play right there in Digg rather than taking you to YouTube’s video page, for example. That will save people a lot of time from having to traverse to an external site but that is going to make things worse for people who submit videos that are embedded in blogs, because now they will really be labeled as “blog spam.”

Overall the features are very nice and I want to congratulate Digg on the new design…now I just wish that they would figure out a way to prevent the Digg community from unnecessarily burying articles which is what got our site banned.

Looks like Digg also has some new apparel. Thanks for pointing it out Curtiss!

News Source: Webware