Digg is trying to make the process of discovering new content a little bit easier by introducing The Recommendation Engine which is currently in the beta stage and available to some of Digg’s registered users. Digg’s Kevin Rose posted about this new Recommendation Engine and said that there are now more than 16,000 stories submitted every single day in the Upcoming section. That’s a lot of stories to go through, so they are hoping that this new method will help people find stories that will interest them.

Below is a screenshot which shows you what you’ll see in the right sidebar of Digg if you’re using the Recommendation Engine. It shows you how many Diggers like you that it has found. The story recommendations that you receive will end up coming from those Diggers because they tend to vote similar to the way that you do. According to Rose, the Recommendation Engine is smart and will eventually get to know you better. He says, “As you increase your activity on Digg, the Recommendation Engine will get to know you better and will suggest more targeted content and Diggers Like You.”

Digg Recommendation Engine on Vimeo.png

This should really help upcoming articles get more exposure, and articles that may not have been seen before have a chance of getting Digg’s. Hopefully they’ve got their algorithms figured out well enough that the system will do a good job of recommending stories that will be of interest to people. This could also mean people will be doing more Digging and even more Burying now that they will be seeing more stories.

We’re not regular users of Digg lately, but it’s not hard to forget the days of sifting through the upcoming content to find interesting stuff. It’s not something that everybody is willing to do either, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the Digg Recommendation Engine works.

Look for the Recommendation Engine to roll out this week.