If you are a reader of Digg, Slashdot, Del.icio.us, or all three, you’ve probably visited or at least heard of Diggdot.us.  It’s a news aggregator that retrieves articles from the three previously listed sites. It’s been around for about a year, and just recently they received a cease & desist letter from Digg’s lawyers saying that they could not use Digg in their name or web address.  Others have received the same letter, and one such site, ‘digggames’ have shut themselves down because of it.  Diggdot.us decided not to shutdown, instead changing their name to Doggdot.us in hopes of satisfying Digg lawyers.

I understand that Digg needs to protect their trademark, however the sites that are being shutdown appear to promote Digg, not harm it, and yet they’re not exempt. If you take a look at Digg.com, you’ll notice that the word ‘Digg’ isn’t the only trademarked word.  If you have a website that uses ‘Digg’, ‘Digg it’, ‘Dugg’, or ‘Digg this,’ you just might receive the same cease and desist letter in the mail!

My sympathy goes out to all of the people that have put so much effort into their “Digg” promoting site only to have to shut it down. I’m sure it’s leaving quite a few people with a bad taste in their mouth, however I’m sure Digg doesn’t really have a whole lot of choice when it comes to protecting their Trademark.