One of my biggest pet-peeves with Digg’s RSS feed is that they do not include a link to the original source. You have to click on the link to the news item on Digg, and then from Digg, click to view the original article. This problem has been solved for me with the use of DiggRess – an alternative RSS feed for Digg.

Besides linking directly to the article which is often what people want to see first, there are several other features that I think you’ll enjoy:

  • Select which categories you’d like a feed for (or all of them)
  • Narrow down which topics you’re interested in (or all of them)
  • Displays the number of Diggs and comments, and includes the “Digg It” button
  • Embeds videos from a handful of popular video sites and includes them in the feed
  • And more…

Below is an example of what an item would like like in your feed:


It is one of the more useful RSS services that I’ve come across, and I really am surprised Digg hasn’t included the features that DiggRess offers in their RSS feed. They offer so many customization options so once you’re done setting it up, you’ll have the perfect Digg RSS Feed coming your way.

Set-up your own feed at DiggReSS (just scroll to the bottom).


Digg API + = Diggspose

Back in April, Digg put their API up for grabs and began a contest. One of my favorite mashups to come out of the contest is called “Diggspose”. They actually managed to put’s service to good use by showing Snap previews of upcoming stories on Digg. It’s supposed to be a take on the Mac Expose feature and allows you to click on the previews, or manipulate the appearance with four different views.


Source: Webware