DiggshirtDigg users are celebrating! Finally, the head honchos over at Digg have decided that it’s time to offer up the API that developers have been requesting for a while. Along with it comes a Flash application toolkit, and access to Digg data going all the way back to 2004.

On top of this, they’ve started a contest to promote the Digg API and creativity.  You have to have an account to enter, but if you win, there are some pretty decent prizes.

Using the API and the Flash toolkit, users will need to come up with something great using Adobe Flash and Apollo. I’m looking forward to the mashups that will come out of this because for me, Digg has lost its appeal. Hopefully there will be something that’ll bring the excitement back.

The prizes that they’re offering up to the winners aren’t bad either! The first place winner will receive a Falcon Northwest Gaming PC, along with the full catalog of EA games for the PC(that’s a lot of games), and the Adobe CS3 Master Collection. There are second and third place prizes as well, and 10 finalists will get the complete collection of Digg Gear– more than you ever wanted.

You’ve got until May 16th to submit your entry, and unfortunately it’s not open to residents outside of the U.S. (Details Here)