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There has been a lot of focus on photos the last few years as digital cameras become cheaper and more widespread, and many of us are carrying cameras around in our pockets thanks to our cellphones. The great news is that this digital media revolution has made it so that almost anyone can look like a true artist with very little work.

Shape Collage is a cross-platform application that is capable of turning an amateur into an artist… at no cost. It can take a group of photos that you specify, and arranging them so that they form a shape or letters. The end result can sure be a conversational piece:

photo collage.jpg

Here are some of the features:

  • Make collages in any imaginable shape or form: rectangle, heart, circle, letters, or even draw your own shape. [examples]
  • Adjust the collage size, size of the photos, number of photos, and spacing between photos
  • Change the background, the color of the border, and more
  • Save as JPEG, PNG, or Photoshop PSD

Personally I can’t wait to create some of these collages from the 8,000+ photos I currently have, and then put them in frames around the house.

Get Shape Collage for Windows, Mac, or Linux (requires Java)
[via Digital Inspiration]