diigo We’ve mentioned Diigo a handful of times on CyberNet already because it’s a pretty popular tool for taking notes with your browser. Just this morning the company launched Diigo version 3.0, their first big update since 2006. This update comes with all kinds of new features which make the bookmarking service more powerful than ever! Not only are they a bookmarking service, they also provide a way for users to connect with and discover new content, and research and collaborate with others.

One of the biggest changes is that now users will be able to see the portions of a page that other Diigo users have interacted with in the past in a new sidebar for the browser. If you were reading an article on this site and a Diigo user had annotated a portion of the page, you would be able to see that information. You’d also be able to see who else bookmarked or commented on the page and if there were any other pages on the site that had been bookmarked. This adds a whole new social element to the service.

Additional features and improvements mentioned in their press release include:

  • Personalized Social Content – discover new content through your Diigo friends and subscribe to the most recent or most popular bookmarks for any set of tags.
  • Social Information Networking – new social networking features have been integrated into the service “to enable more meaningful social connections and intellectual exchanges.”
  • Voting – users can now “vote-up” bookmarks so that important information shows up on top (sounds like a Digg-like voting system).
  • New Sidebar – users can search and access their bookmarks from the sidebar.

My only complaint about Diigo is that it has SO many features that it’s almost over-whelming. At one point both Ryan and I used the service but ended up switching to Google Notebook because it was simple and got the job done. Version 3.0 of Diigo adds a lot of great features which power users will love. If you’re just a casual user that bookmarks content only once in a while, it’ll probably be much more than you’d ever need. Still, it’s worth giving it a try.