Google just made it a little easier for people to get from point A to point B with the help of Street View. Of course we know what Street View is by now, and we know that using Google Maps, users can get directions from a starting point to an ending point. Now Google has combined those two features and in the directions that you receive, you’ll see a camera which you can click on. Clicking on the camera will give you a preview of the turns you’ll be making before you actually get on the road using Street View.

If you’re like me, this will be really helpful because I tend to be someone who prefers to look for landmarks instead of street names while driving. Instead of saying “turn left on Green Street,” I tend to look for a landmark like “turn left by the KFC” or “turn right by the BP gas station.” Clicking the cameras that Google provides will show you what landmarks are at the corners where you’ll be turning. You’ll also be able to see some of the road signs when you’re on major highways and interstates which could make finding your exit a little easier.

20530 N Rand Rd # 344, Deer Park, IL 60010 to Walgreens - Google Maps.png

When you pull up your directions, just look for the cameras and by clicking on them, the Street View image will appear. At this point not all cities have this option so if by chance your city is one that doesn’t, cameras won’t be shown.

street view directions.png

As the Google LatLong blog points out, you can follow the arrows to explore the route that you’ll be taking so that you can see what road conditions are like and even see what speed limits are.

It’s nice to see Google integrate two of their features together like this because it’s not that often that they do.