Mac disable googleupdate

A couple months ago we explained how you can disable the GoogleUpdate.exe process on your Windows machine, and today we are showing you how to do the same thing on a Mac. It’s definitely a little easier on the Mac side because there is just a single line of code that you need to execute in a Terminal window. That being said if you want to completely disable the automatic/scheduled Google software update checks open the Terminal and enter the following:

defaults write checkInterval 0

You can also adjust the frequency of the schedule by changing the “0” at the end of that line to the number of seconds between checks. So if you set it to “86400” it will only check for updates once each day, which also happens to be the default. Similarly “604800” would result in a check just once each week.

If you’re just using Chrome you can still expect it to check for updates on its own as you continue using the browser, but it will only check while the browser is running (which is what I want anyway). Google explains that you can still execute the GoogleUpdate process by following these instructions in case you happen to need it for a different Google app:

  • In Finder, select Go > Go to Folder.
  • In the window that appears, enter one of the following locations. It’s expected that one of these folders won’t be found:
  • In the folder that opens, double click the file named ‘CheckForUpdatesNow.command‘.

Google Software Update Info for Mac