Disable window restore mac

In Mac OS X Lion Apple introduced a new feature that lets the OS restore all of an application’s windows the next time the app is started. This helps users pick up where they left off, and while I find this to be extremely helpful there are also times where it can be highly annoying. A good example is with the TextEdit app. A lot of times I fire this up so that I can use it as a temporary holding ground for a snippet of text. When I quit TextEdit that is my way of telling it that I’m done using that text, but with the new window restoration feature Lion will bring back that document even though I wanted it to be discarded.

The workaround to this is a really useful preference pane called RestoreMeNot, which lets you disable this feature on a per-app basis. If you have a program you want to disable the window restoring feature this gives you the power to do it, and it takes just a few clicks to do. Now with this in place every time I run TextEdit I am starting with a clean slate, which is really nice. Thanks to RestoreMeNot I can still take advantage of this awesome feature for most apps, and disable it for the ones where it really bothers me.

RestoreMeNot Homepage (Mac only; Freeware)