Here’s a helpful tip for those of you who have just started using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, or you’ve been using it but haven’t figured out how to create Distribution Lists. Distribution lists make it easy for you to send one message to multiple people that you frequently email without needing to enter in all of the email addresses individually, every single time. In a nutshell, a Distribution list is a collection of contacts. When you go to send an email after creating a Distribution List, you enter the name of the list in the “To” field, and then anybody who is part of the list will receive the email.

How to Create a Distribution List in Outlook 2007

  1. Open-up Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to “New” (the same “new” you click when you want to create a new message), then select Distribution List
  3. You can also click Ctrl + Shift + L

distribution list 1.png

A new window will appear once you’ve clicked on “Distribution List” and from there you’ll select the contacts that you would like to be a part of the list, and give it a name.

distribution list 2.png

The name for my distribution list in the example above is “Family.” Once I enter a name, then I can click “Select Members.” This pulls up my contacts list so that I can choose which individuals I would like to be a part of my “Family” list. You can add members by double-clicking on each name. Once all members are selected, you’ll click “Save & Close.”

After your list is created, you will see the name of the Distribution List listed in your contacts. Think about how useful this feature could be! Maybe you have several groups of people that you email at work, or a group of friends that you frequently send messages too. Once you get the lists set-up, they can be a huge time-saver for you.