divshare 3.jpg

DivShare currently has over 623,000 users despite moving away from their “unlimited” storage and bandwidth model that they once offered. To try and bring some appeal back to the service they have revamped the user dashboard with an interface that is a lot easier on the eyes.

In the new version of the site you can quickly move files around from one folder to another, and it now includes support for sub-folders. The whole thing behaves a lot more like a user’s desktop rather than just a file sharing service.

Aside from that you can now also organize music tracks in a playlist and photos in a slideshow using a simple drag-and-drop method. Then you can share links directly to the folder containing the media instead of needing to link to a specific file. Nothing earth shattering, but it can be useful.

For $9 per year ($0.75 per month) you can get a DivShare Personal account that gives you faster downloads, removes ads from the site, and more. If you want more storage or bandwidth you’ll need to upgrade to a plan that is at least $5.95 per month.

Let us know in the comments if you’re still using DivShare. I know quite a few of you were when it was unlimited, and I’m curious how many have managed to cope with the limitations.

DivShare Version 3.0