DivShare Storage Any of the DivShare users out there know that they’ve been having troubles keeping up with their excessive growth, and as a result the site has been running pretty slow lately. That’s one of the main reasons we’ve tried to refrain from posting downloads in the last month or two on their site.

They are now collapsing under the pressure, and are resorting to what many people hoped they would never succumb to. All accounts now have both storage and bandwidth restrictions imposed on them to help control “abusive” users. Users with free accounts will receive 5GB of storage space and 50GB of bandwidth per month. Here’s what DivShare had to say about the “new feature”:

We’ve mapped out the new plans so that less than 1 in 10 current users will need to upgrade. In fact, 99% of users use less than 5 GB of storage, and 90% of users serve less than 50 GB of downloads each month. We’re making the change because a very small group of users is using a very large amount of bandwidth and storage space, and by doing so is degrading the DivShare experience for the rest of our 250,000 members.

DivShare does still offer premium accounts which you would have to pay for on a monthly basis, but all of them are still limited in both storage and bandwidth. How about we take a look at their monthly offerings:

  • For $6.95/month you get 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth
  • For $14.95/month you get 25GB of storage and 250GB of bandwidth
  • For $28.95/month you get 50GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth

What this essentially means is that many users will probably just create several different DivShare accounts, and disperse their downloads across them. For me I’m going to try and find a different host for my files. Heck, I might just go over to GoDaddy where I can get 100GB of storage and 1,000GB of bandwidth for $6.99/month.

On the DivShare blog some users are expressing their concern for the change, but there is some reassurance for existing users. If you’re already over the storage limit your files will not be deleted, but you also won’t be able to upload any new files until you get under the storage limit. On your member homepage you can see how much storage and bandwidth you’re currently eating up, and in one week DivShare will be enforcing the restrictions.

Is this the day DivShare died?

Thanks for the tip Radu!