When we last talked about DivShare, they had just introduced file searching ability, and MP3 streaming. We left off when they were getting ready to allow users to embed MP3’s onto their blogs or websites. So, here we are a few weeks later with several new features which is why DivShare continues to get two-thumbs up from us.

They’ve only been around for two months, and yet they already have 14,000 registered accounts, and they’re hosting 100,000 live files.  Another interesting stat is that they just filled up their first terabyte of storage, so they’ll be adding a second storage server.

The newest feature that was just introduced yesterday is the Upload Progress Bar. Before, there was an animated bar that kept on moving so that you knew it was still active, however there was no way of knowing how much it had uploaded, how much was left to download, and the amount of time it will take. The image below shows what the new progress bar looks like. This will be especially useful with larger downloads.

Another recently added addition is the Referer Tracking which will let you know who is linking to your files. DivShare will track the five most recent refers for every file that you have uploaded, and that information will be displayed on your download page.

Now, going back to the embedded MP3 onto blogs or websites, this feature went live January 28th. This feature alone sets DivShare apart from many other file sharing websites. The player looks great, and uses Macromedia’s Flash to play the file.

With all of the new features, we’re left to wonder what will come next.  They’ve already given a clue by saying to get your avatar’s ready, because they’re going social. But aside from that, it could be just about anything.  Could video uploads possibly be next? They already allow 200MB uploads which is plenty of room for many movies.  It would be great if they didn’t restrict the size for uploads in general, because then they’d be a truly unlimited service.