DivShare Services

DivShare is at it again! TechCrunch is reporting that there are some more changes coming to DivShare soon that will truly make it the one stop shop for all of your file hosting needs. There has been no announcement on the DivShare blog yet, but I suspect an announcement will be coming soon.

As of right now you can upload any type of files to DivShare, and they will let you embed videos, image slideshows, MP3’s, and now documents (PDF, DOC, PPT) into your own site for your visitors. The service is completely free, and there are no limits on storage or bandwidth. On Tuesday, however, they will be kicking it up a notch by releasing an API for developers to use. With it, DivShare will handle all of the hosting, and your users will be able to embed items directly onto your site.

They also just launched a new iPhone version of the DivShare management page. It has a sleek interface, and makes it super easy to email a file to a friend. You can also download files on your iPhone using it, and the iPhone download page is extremely clean.

DivShare is growing at an almost alarming pace, and they have more than 137,000 registered users uploading 12,000 new files each day. There are over 2 million files being hosted on their servers, and I can only imagine what their bandwidth costs are like! Their Alexa graph shows no sign of them slowing down anytime soon:

DivShare Traffic

Many of you probably know that we use DivShare all over our site, and without it we would not be able to provide you the download mirrors that you have become accustomed to on some of our articles. So we would like to give a big thanks to DivShare for being such a great site to host our files, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they will have continued success!