DivShareUploaderIf you use WordPress for your blog, you may want to pay attention to DivShare because they’ve just made it easier for you to upload files directly to your DivShare account from the “Write a Post” page. We make good use of DivShare quite often, mirroring download links, and uploading other files that we don’t want to store on our own server. It’s always been a cut and dry, simple process, but now it got that much easier.

On their announcement, they mention that one of their goals is to power social experience, and they’re definitely doing this by adding new features left and right that make using their service worth it. For only being around for a over two months, I couldn’t be more impressed.

All you have to do is download the DivShare Uploader Plugin which will then replace the WordPress upload form which you’ll find on the “Write a Post” page.  In it’s place will be a DivShare upload form. You don’t have to worry about HTML, or copying and pasting because your files will be inserted right into your post with one click. By creating a special key from your DivShare Profile page, your files will be linked to your account.

We just tried it out by uploading an image, and it’s great.  When uploading an image, you’re given the option to insert a full sized image, a blog sized image (400 pixel), or a thumbnail (130 pixel). After you upload the image that you want on your blog, it’s literally one click and you’ll have your image inserted into your blog. I didn’t see a way to delete a file within WordPress (you can always do from the admin page on DivShare) which might be a nice addition in the future.

Another addition that would be nice is if they gave you the option to replace the WordPress upload form instead of automatically doing it, because some people may still want to host some of their own files and use DivShare for others.

It’s definitely a great feature and one that lends a helping hand to bloggers. Thanks for thinking of us DivShare! You can visit their blog for more details where you’ll also find the download link.