DivShare is really starting to separate themselves from other file hosting sites because of the unique features that they are continually adding. We use the service all the time to create mirrors to applications we write about, and just last week they introduced file searching and the ability to make files private so that only the user who uploaded them can see them…which is great if you want to make a backup copy of a document to an offsite location.

DivShare Streaming Song

Now they are introducing more goodies! When you upload MP3’s you’ll be able to stream them directly from the site. They have a working example of an MP3 that you could download/stream in case you want to try it out. I took a screenshot above and you’ll notice in the Play/Pause button there is a small portion that is colored with blue. That appears to be a progress bar for how much of the song has already been downloaded to your computer. The only thing that seems to be missing from this is a progress bar so that you know how far into the song you are and what the total length is.

Also in the screenshot I am pointing out an ad that they recently started displaying. It’s far from obtrusive so I’m sure no one will really mind, and I am actually glad that they started to show ads now. It demonstrates that they do have ideas for generating revenue and it makes me feel reassured that they won’t go down the tubes.

So what does DivShare still have left to do? In the next few days they are planning on allowing users to embed MP3’s onto their blogs or websites, which is really nice. If they did this with videos I would be really amazed simply because of their “no limit” policy in terms of file size.

There are a few features that I would like to see implemented eventually. The first being FTP access so that we can easily upload files/galleries in bulk. DivShare would be a great source to backup my family photos that would be horrible if I lost. Even if they decide against FTP access they could still make it so that users could upload a single ZIP file containing multiple songs/images/files and then have their server extract the contents for you. I know that I’ve seen this on a file sharing site before, but I can’t remember which one.

Another feature that I would really like is what MetaMan recommended, and that’s being able to update files once you have uploaded them. That way if you needed to change a file you could do so without breaking the link to it. It’s the little things like this that will continue to help DivShare grow.

Thanks to MetaMan for the tip on DivShare introducing advertisements!