A few weeks ago DivShare got a pretty cool upgrade that allowed folder creation for any files that you uploaded. It was nice, but I was a little disappointed because they didn’t offer the option to move existing files into folders.

DivShare Features

That has all changed with the new redesign that they just made live (pictured above). Now they have check boxes next to all of your files and you can perform bulk operations on them, such as moving all checked files into a folder or deleting all of the checked files.

The whole interface now has a look and feel of a real file explorer with the folder navigation located on the left side. Immediately above the sidebar you’ll also see the stats for how many files you have uploaded and the corresponding size of all those files. One of the most useful things, however, is the Search box located at the top of the sidebar. It performs live searches as you type which means you see the results without ever having to press Enter!

One complaint that seems to be echoing through the comments right now is that people miss having all the stats right there on the main page, such as the number of downloads and filesize. I agree that it was nice to have the number of downloads listed right there, but if you just hover your mouse over the “Info” link a popup box will appear with all your statistics. Some people were saying that DivShare should roll back to the previous version, but I like the new layout much better because it seems a little more natural when navigating through files and folders.

DivShare has been doing a lot of things right, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the best file sharing service around. Alexa’s graph demonstrates that DivShare is growing very rapidly, and somehow they find time to keep up with the growth and develop new features:

DivShare Stats

DivShare still plans on making their service even better, and here’s what they say is coming up next:

You may notice there’s some extra space in your sidebar — it won’t stay that way for long. In a few days we’ll be introducing the social features we’ve been hinting at for a while, the most important of which is DivShare Groups. A DivShare group is a gathering point for anyone who wants to share files related to a certain interest or project — so you can create one for your co-workers, your friends, fans of your band, or just about any other group of people who want to show off their stuff. You’ll be able to create and manage unlimited groups, which will each get their own DivShare subdomain, such as battlestar.divshare.com.

It looks like DivShare is jumping into the social networking arena now…and I have a good feeling that they are going to be successful!

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