Next generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are packed with new features and capabilities that set them apart and place them in the “Next Gen” category, yet a recent study indicates that a good chunk of these console owners really don’t know everything their system can do. If you don’t know what your system is capable of, you’re certainly not going to be able to take full advantage of your purchase.

The study, conducted by NPD Group, gives us some insight about what these console owners know about their system.

Playstation xbox 360

High Definition Graphics

  • 50% of Playstation 3 gamers knew their system had high-definition graphics
  • 30% of Xbox 360 gamers knew that their console had high definition functionality

Blu Ray/ HD DVD

We all know about the war between HD DVD and Blu Ray. Sony has hoped that they’d be able to assemble a large base of Blu Ray users because of the Playstation 3 which would help them conquer HD DVD, however, only 40% of Playstation 3 owners knew that their system even had a Blu-Ray player in it! Even worse, those that knew really aren’t using the Blu-Ray player to begin with.  Only half of them had played a Blu-Ray movie within the last 10 times that they turned their system on.

Gamers want games!

From the study, it was found that the one thing people are most overwhelmingly interested in is games. Not the Blu-Ray player, or even the high definition graphics. Ars Technica says it best when they say, “with constantly shifting hardware configurations, falling prices, and the HD DVD/Blu-Ray fight still going strong, Microsoft and Sony may be sending the message that they’re too complicated for the average gamer, while Nintendo’s game-first attitude and strikingly lower price point may be exactly what the majority of console buyers want.”

Is there any wonder then why the Wii is so successful? It’s affordable, and while they don’t have the graphics that the other two do, they’ve got some great games that are sure to be a good time for anyone who plays them. It sounds to me like Microsoft and Sony need to make an extra effort to educate consumers on all of the extra capabilities their system has to offer, particularly Sony who’s gotten off on a rough start.