JoostThere was a lot of chatter yesterday about Joost and their recent milestone of one million beta users. One million is an impressive number for a start-up, there’s no doubt about that, especially since they haven’t officially launched yet. But, that doesn’t mean that those one million beta users that signed up are actually using Joost.

I saw Webware’s article today titled One Million Beta Testers for Joost, But Have They Stuck Around? which was exactly what I was thinking yesterday when I saw the announcement. We’ve already had a discussion here back in April when I asked what everybody thought of it, but now I’m wondering months later, do any of you actually still use it? I know for myself, once I was done sending out the invitations, I uninstalled it. The quality was mediocre and the selection of content was under-whelming. There was no longer a purpose to keep the application on my computer.

Remember all of the hype that Joost received? This is one of those instances where I think the hype made everybody expect a really awesome product, only to be disappointed and leave it behind. I think they really need to work on the quality, content, and stability of the app (some people are having issues with it crashing) if they want their public launch at the end of the year to be a success. Any thoughts?