Does Microsoft Need More Time To Complete Vista?Longhorn Blogs is saying that Microsoft needs to give the Windows Vista team more time. They give several valid reasons for thinking this:

  • “Fact: Microsoft is rapidly approaching check-in cutoff date for the Vista teams.” – just two weeks left until Vista RC1 is scheduled for release
  • “Observation: Several teams are scrambling to get code checked in on time.” – the Vista team doesn’t have enough time to work thoroughly so they are forced to hurry and get the job done.
  • “Observation: One door closes, another door opens.” – when they fix one bug it just creates another one.
  • “Observation: Jim & Co have forgotten what “Release Candidate” means.” – A release candidate should always follow a stable beta.

I have to admit that those are some very good points and there are even better reasoning to support the conclusion. He proposes that Microsoft should release a Vista Beta 3 to testers and push the release date back 4-6 weeks. He then takes it a step further and says

After Beta 3 releases, anyone who is not responsible for responding to security issues in released products should be given a week to relax, unwind, etc. Let them spend time with family, cause they probably won’t see much of them between RC1 and RTM.

If Microsoft released a Beta 3 to the public then everyone would be more willing to accept a few week delay on the release schedule. We just like to know what is going on and want to see improvements first hand. When Microsoft was delaying Vista in the past it was hard for us to understand why but after using Beta 2 it is pretty apparent why a delay is needed. I never thought I would say it but I hope Microsoft delays Vista a little bit as long as they give us a Beta 3 to play with.