Google Redesign Google’s Homepage has become popular because of its amazing simplicity consisting of just a few links, few buttons, and a text box. I don’t think that they could make it much simpler but Joe made a post over at Google Blogoscoped with some recommendations on how they could reduce the number of clicks. He went through a series of redesigns that they could do and the last one that he mentioned is pictured above.

Notice that he removed the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and replaced it with an AJAX box that will instantly show you the first result. That way it will give people more insight instead of the “blind guessing” that goes on when using the I’m Feeling Lucky.

I do like that idea but I have a feeling that too many people would select the first result then. If you were the first result on the list then you would probably receive a lot of visitors otherwise the chances of being noticed have dramatically dropped. Yahoo has already proven that it is easy to do by implementing something similar called Instant Search, but there must be a reason that it is not on their homepage yet.

I think the Google Homepage is fine the way it is but maybe they could give it a fresh look by adding a little gloss to the logo?