P4 Overclocked to 5GHz

Some of you probably overclock your PC’s so that they run a little faster. I doubt many of you have tried to take the processor all the way to 5GHz though! One man did decide to do it and actually succeeded with a little help from our buddy Liquid Nitrogen. Check out the quick video of the setup here.

I would say that is the ultimate heat sink on top of that bad boy, wouldn’t you? I wonder if the computer would actually operate correctly by doing this because I have overclocked some machines before and then I typically hit a barrier where the PC constantly receives errors. If you continue to overclock it way to high it will either burn up or it will try to process information so quickly that it will error out during the startup process.

Overclocking is fun and my reason for doing it isn’t because I need the extra speed but mostly just because I can. Some systems let you do the overclocking right in the BIOS but some of the older PC’s have jumpers that you need to adjust on the motherboard. Percentage wise the most I have ever overclocked a processor is from 100MHz to 125MHz which is a 25% increase. The largest frequency increase for me was taking a 2.8GHz P4 to 2.9GHz which is nice because it is a 100MHz difference but that is only 3.6% higher than before. You also have to remember that the processor may seem fine when you first run it but as you use the PC more and more the processor will get hotter. Some PC’s will then shutdown while others will wait until the processor is completely fried. I’m proud to say that I haven’t fried any processors yet. ;)

Anyone have some fun stories from overclocking a PC?

Thanks for posting this in the forum wipeout140!