Domains and Coming June 20th

On June 20th, two new domains will be available! and will be the newest additions to the Windows Live concept. For those of you with the drawn out redundant e-mail addresses, (like this is your chance to get the short simple name you’ve always wanted. While it’s a hassle to notify all of your contacts, it may be worth it! When Gmail first began 2 years ago, I jumped at the chance to get the account name that I wanted. Chances like this don’t come around very often.

The Windows Live team is currently working on a migration process that would allow you to transfer your current information to a new account. Unfortunately for the time being this feature is not available which will probably be the biggest copmlaint among current hotmail and MSN users wanting to switch over to the news domains. It would have been nice to see this migration process already implemented so that the process of switching over to a new domain would be simple and effortless. Which according to Microsoft,

What is Windows Live? Your online world gets better when everything works simply and effortlessly together. That’s the basic idea behind Windows Live.

News Source: Windows Live Mail Support