Donation Coder is working some of their programmers to the bone lately with all of the apps that are being developed! Just a month ago they released a dozen or so free programs, and this time around there are 16 new ones. Here are a few of them that really peaked my interest:

  • WTF Music Info – This creates a chart of your music based upon genre, artist, or year. It really gives a cool perspective on the music you listen to.
    Music Info
  • Point Motivator – At first when I saw this program I was kinda like, huh? It’s a reward system that you setup where you get points for completing tasks. Then you can “cash in” your points for rewards that you’ve created for yourself.

    It’s not something that I would really use, but this would be great for anyone who has kids. You can assign points to things like ice cream or video games which they have to earn by completing tasks.

    You can also use this to help lose weight. For example, you can say that for every 30 minutes of exercise is equal to enough points for one cookie.
    Point Motivator

  • Coin Jar – This is completely web based, and it is used to estimate how much money you have in a coin jar. The estimate is calculated according to the weight of the jar and the fraction of coins collected in one handful. Just make sure you don’t grab a handful of quarters when most of the jar is pennies, otherwise it will throw off the estimates.
    Coin Jar

Don’t forget to checkout out the rest of the New Apps for the New Year from Donation Coder. If you use Find and Run Robot (another Donation Coder creation) there are several plugins that were created by users for this challenge, including integration and iTunes control.