Windows Live Last week Microsoft had a loop hole in their email sign-up system that allowed anyone to create a email address using a single line of JavaScript code. Three days later they were able to patch the problem but now they might close all of the accounts that were created says the Windows Live Mail Blog:

If you created an account using the instructions below, it’s quite likely the account will get blown away.

So how smart would that be for Microsoft to close all of those accounts? They would be discouraging the people who care the most about getting one of those addresses and if they closed my account I definitely wouldn’t ever create a new one (I also wouldn’t inform anyone else about the service when it launches). It is their fault that the loop hole existed so they need to cut their losses and move on.

I didn’t create an account this time around but I did do it several months ago and my account still remains active. I don’t really use it much, if at all, but it is always there if I need it. I’m not sure if I’ll be effected should they decide to close the accounts since mine was not created using this trick, but rather a different one. :D

Use this as a warning not to make it your primary email address because you know as soon as you switch everything over to it they’re gonna cut you off. That’s how it always seems to work. ;)