AIM 6 AOL Instant Messenger version 6.0 is now available to download with a lot of features that I’m sure AIM fans will love. The new interface steps away from the yellow branding that I always associated with AIM and has more of a slick look to it. I was never really fond of the old look but the new one is very nice.

Here is a list of the other features in AIM 6:

  • Offline IM’s – Don’t miss out on your IMs just because you’re busy. AIM 6.0 lets you retrieve the messages you missed while you were offline.
  • IM Grouping – Keep all of your IMs organized in one easy window. AIM 6.0 makes managing your social life even easier.
  • IM Logging – AIM 6.0 lets you save your IM conversations on your computer. Now you’ll never have to worry about remembering what one of your friends said to you.
  • Picture Sharing – Share your pictures with your buddies with AIM 6.0. The new drag-and-drop interface makes it a snap.
  • Bigger Buddy List – We’ve doubled the number of buddies you can have on your Buddy List window. AIM 6.0 makes it easy to stay in touch with up to 1,000 of your closest friends.
  • PC to PC Chat – AIM 6.0 integrates seamlessly with AIM Phoneline. Keep on talking with your friends, even if your fingers are tired of typing.
  • Innovative Wallpapers – These wallpapers are interactive – they work with AIM 6.0 and have lots of hidden surprises waiting for you to discover.
  • AIM Pages – AIM 6.0 brings profiles to a whole new life. We’ll start your AIM Page off with some vanity info, and you fill in the rest.


The new offering of AIM undoubtedly looks great (except maybe for the advertisements) but I am a fully converted Google Talk user now. I have all of my friends using it so there is no need for me to install any other chat clients…and I love how I can always easily talk with my Google Talk friends anytime by logging into my Gmail account. I’m sure many of you still use AIM though.

Download AIM 6.0