Firefox 2

Internet Explorer 7 was just released late last week and now Mozilla Firefox 2 is here! It was just placed in the releases folder on the FTP so it is time for you to come and get it!

Like always the downloader that I have put together below uses Mozilla’s load balancing so that one specific FTP server does not get all of the hits.

Firefox 2 is expected to be made officially available tomorrow according to Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler:

Lots of folks have been sending me emails asking if the Tuesday release reported at various places is accurate. Yes. Unless something unexpected happens, we’ll be shipping Firefox 2 on Tuesday.

From the looks of it everything has gone smoothly and it should be officially announced tomorrow…even though they typically announce it the same day that it hits the FTP. So don’t be surprised if some kind of announcement comes tonight around 5PM-7PM PDT.

When browsing through some of the links on the Firefox site I also noticed that they have started to update some of their screenshots with Firefox 2 builds. The one page that has definitely been refreshed is the Getting Started which couldn’t make it any more obvious. I can’t wait to see everything switch over and I wonder if there will be any kind of facelift to the site?

Firefox 2’s Future Home