Firefox Logo Mozilla is on the final stretch before they release Firefox 2! That’s right, Firefox 2 RC3 has just been released but all of the bug fixes are under-the-hood so you may not notice too much of a difference.

The downloads have been placed on the FTP but I have put together the easy-to-use downloader for your convenience:

The official download page has not been updated with the links at this point but it should be available today around 5:00PM PDT. The release notes page will probably be updated around that time as well.

It is always fun to see a piece of software get released that you have been testing for awhile. This release candidate is about a day earlier than what was planned which means it might actually be on-time for an October 24 release date!

While you’re sitting around waiting for the final release maybe you should check to see if there is going to be a Firefox Launch Party in your area? And hey, if there isn’t then why don’t you start one? There are currently 267 parties scheduled around the world! I wonder where the IE 7 launch parties are? :D