Download Flock 0.7.4

Flock 0.7.4 has been released and is awaiting your download. This version is based off of Firefox so it has some security fixes but also has a known bug. A new release of Firefox, version, will be released soon and I would imagine another version of Flock would shortly follow. Here are the other updates to this release:
  • Internationalization Support
  • Fixed drag and drop issue with dragging URLs or XPI files to the browser window
  • Handle HTTP authentication properly in feed discovery
  • Display top 4 results from Yahoo! instead of 5
  • Added EULA to Mac distribution

If you haven’t tried out Flock yet then you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of features it has. The RSS feed reader that it has is the best of any other browser-integrated reader I have used. It is also great for those people into social bookmarking services like or photo sharing services like Flickr.